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Gamaltnymalt is a trio that takes an uncompromising and audacious approach to traditional fiddle music, creating a musical landscape in which the arrangements are tailor-made for the qualities of the Hardanger fiddle.

Three well-established musicians, Håkon Høgemo, Einar Mjølsnes and Sigrid Moldestad, have begun using a modified Hardanger fiddle with five strings, which intensifies the sparkling, overtone-rich soundscape that is typical of the Hardanger fiddle.

They present dark, powerful, rough and mystical music with a keen focus on rhythm and harmonies. This is music that has never been played before, performed on an instrument that has never been played before!

Gamaltnymalt received Spellemannprisen (Norwegian Grammy) for its debut recording, which was released in 2005. The group has toured for the Norwegian Concert Institute, and has given concerts at venues such as the Førde Folk Music Festival and the Osa Festival.

“In a world made up of sounds and harmonies, Gamaltnymalt takes the audience on a fantastic journey…”
Oppland Arbeiderblad (newspaper), Norway

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Håkon Høgemo: 5-string Hardanger fiddle
Einar Mjølsnes: 5-string Hardanger fiddle
Sigrid Moldestad: 5-string Hardanger fiddle

Gamaltnymalt, NORCD 2005

Spellemannprisen 2005 ("Norwegian Grammy")