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Greatest Girls of Norway

Greatest Girls of Norway is a collaboration between three of the leading Hardanger fiddlers in Norway: Åse Teigland, Synnøve S. Bjørset, Anne Hytta. Their enthusiasm and passion for the Hardanger fiddle tunes have brought them together on stage, where they perform as soloists showing great diversity in tone colours, rhythmics and musical expressions.

These highly skilled representatives of the hardanger fiddle traditions of Telemark, Hardanger and Sunnfjord/Sogn, have developed their own personal and distinguished styles. Teigland, Bjørset and Hytta perform in a number of various groups, and have done several recordings both as soloists and ensemble musicians.

“The raw, intense and resonant sound of the Hardanger fiddle has always attracted me. Fiddling as I have learnt it operates with strictly defined boundaries. But there is a kind of freedom at a more minimalist level when playing variations and embellishing the tunes with ornaments, and I think that it is because of these elements that fiddling seems like a natural form of musical expression to me."
Anne Hytta

“I am looking for that feeling: you chop something into fragments, pull it all apart into little pieces, adjust it and change it, superimpose a main figure over smaller ones, look for the big picture. Suddenly a new universe opens up, where the music becomes more than the sum of its parts: a universe which is ready to be explored and conveyed through the musical moment. This makes it meaningful."
Synnøve S. Bjørset

“The dynamic, tender, dramatic, lyric aspects of fiddle music – there is always something new to discover, something new to learn – an insignificant variation with significant impact, a bowing, a phrase, and you have something different from the last time. The sources are endless, and the instrument always has more inside it than I can manage to bring out. That is what motivates me – searching for more.”
Åse Teigland

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Åse Teigland: Hardanger fiddle
Synnøve S. Bjørset: Hardanger fiddle
Anne Hytta: Hardanger fiddle