Norwegian artists at APAP New York 2008

Saturday 12. January the Norwegian Traditional Music Agency in collaboration with On Queue Performing Artists presents norwegian artists at Arts Presenters Conference, New York. Karl Seglem with Håkon Høgemo, Unni Løvlid and Benedicte Maurseth are the artists presented. Also the norwegian-scottish group Fribo is showcasing.
New York

Success for Majorstuen at womex 2007

- Super audience at the concert, jobs booked for next year already and an agent in Portugal! We are very satisfied with the results after of our showcase at womex, says Synnøve S. Bjørset from Majorstuen with a broad grin.
maj womex07 konsert

Norwegian Traditional Music at its best! / VOL 4

The Norwegian Traditional Music Agency has produced a new compilation with Norwegian Traditional music. VOL 4 presents a variation of norwegian musicians ready to enter the scenes abroad.

Majorstuen on their way to Womex

Majorstuen is on their way to Womex in Sevilla. Saturday 27. October we invite you to their showcase at Fibes Al Andalus at 13.00. Don´t miss the norwegian brunch Friday at 12.00 at the Norwegian stand B22-C23.
majorstuen nytt_250x251

The Traditional Music Agency as Booking Agency

The Traditional Music Agency is now launching our new ROSTER FOR INTERNATIONAL BOOKINGS.
Karl Seglem

Folkelarm in Oslo 28. - 29. september

Folkelarm finds place in Oslo 28. - 29. september presenting Norwegian and Scandinavian Traditional Music. 30 showcases, seminars, Norwegian Traditional Music Award 2007 and meetingplaces for artists, concert organizers, festivals, recordcompanies and other parts of the music industry working in Traditional Music from Europe, US and Canada.
Nils Økland sound of mu spiller

Karl Seglem, Spindel and Majorstuen tours abroad

A couple of norwegian bands are touring festivals in Europe and Canada this summer. Karl Seglem played at Festival de Musicas do Mundo i Portugal in July. Majorstuen played at TFF.Rudolstadt earlier this summer and you will meet them at Bidasoa Folk in the Basque country in the middle of August. Spindel played at the Festival Vancouver, Canada last weekend.
Spindel alle

Benedicte Maurseth - "Young Folk Musician of the Year" for 2007!

Benedicte Maurseth was chosen as "Young Folk Musician of the Year" for 2007 after the finals at the Telemark Festival, in Bø on 21 July.
Benedicte maurseth


The Norwegian Traditional Music Agency focuses more on its role as booking agent. - More traditional music from Norway at European festivals and concerts in 2008 is our main goal, says Lene Furuli, booking agent in the Norwegian Traditional Music Agency.
Lene ser opp

Intro-folk 2007

The Intro-folk program is a promotion program for young musicans. The program is a cooperation between The Norwegian Concert Institute (Rikskonsertenen), The Norwegian Traditional Music Agency , The Norwegian Folkmusic Scene and several folk music festivals in Norway.

Sver is the first group ready for the finals at Telemarkfestivalen in july.