Spindel alle


Spindel is a duo and band concept in which the communication and the dynamic between the two charismatic Hardanger fiddlers Sigrid Moldestad and Liv Merete Kroken plays a decisive role. They take a playful, innovative approach to fiddle music from Nordfjord and the west coast of Norway in presenting everything from lovely, tender melodies to catchy dance tunes.

As a duo, they defy tradition with their unusually good musical chemistry and lively arrangements of both traditional tunes and their own compositions. The energy and charisma Spindel exude from the stage have made them an audience favourite at festivals in Norway and abroad.

When the fiddlers in Spindel recorded their first album, they made use of some exceptional musicians from a variety of musical genres, who have now become members of the band. Together they have created an energetic, catchy and playful idiom that complements the close interplay between Moldestad and Kroken.

Spindel has released two albums that have received high praise from the critics, and the group has given concerts in Norway, Sweden, Spain, the USA and Canada, at venues including the Førde Folk Music Festival, Bergen International Festival and Festival Vancouver. Fans of the Eurovision Song Contest may also remember the two Spindel fiddlers from the Norwegian entry in Athens in 2006.

"Those who have seen them in concert will not fail to rediscover in this recording, the energy and symbiosis that bonds these two musicians. I confess I am under their spell."
Trad Magazine, France

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Sigrid Moldestad: Hardanger fiddle, fiddle and vocals
Liv Merete Kroken: Hardanger fiddle and fiddle
Olav Tveitane: cister, guitar, double bass and vocals
Dagfinn Andersen: harmonium, piano and vocals
Ivar Kolve: percussion and marimba

Aminje, Grappa 2005
Spindel, Grappa 2001