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Jorun Marie Kvernberg

Jorun Marie Kvernberg is one of Norway’s most prominent fiddle soloists, and has studied traditional fiddle music from northwestern Norway in depth. She presents both scintillating dance tunes and melancholy pieces with great authority and integrity. Onstage, she exudes enviable charisma and an obvious pleasure in performing.

Kvernberg released her first solo recording, “Album”, in 2006, to good reviews. “Album” is nominated for the Norwegian Folk Music Award in 2007 in the categories “Best Solo Recording” and “Newcomer of the Year”. Kvernberg was one of the finalists in the Norwegian Concert Institute’s programme for launching new folk music artists, Intro-folk, in 2007. In 2005 she won the Norwegian Performing Rights Society’s Edvard Prize for a commissioned work, “Då kom du”.

Kvernberg plays the fiddle in the ensembles Tindra and Majorstuen, which have been highly praised by critics. She has conducted extensive touring activities in Norway and abroad with these groups and has participated on several of their recordings.

“I think that Kvernberg has a temperament that is very well-suited to this music. Her performance style is personal, distinctive and eccentric. It is as though she is sampling her way through the material, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she is capable of varying the same reinlender or masurka with any number of moods.”, Norway

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Jorun Marie Kvernberg: fiddle and Hardanger fiddle

Album, ta:lik 2006

Also contributes on
Trillar for to, with Bruvoll/Halvorsen, Grappa 2007
Mot nye høyder, with Bjørns Orkester, Tylden & co 2007
Juledrøm, with Majorstuen , MFC 2006
Lukkeleg vaking, with Tindra, ta:lik 2006
Home sweet home, with Liv Marit Wedvik, EMI 2005
Jorun Jogga, with Majorstuen, MFC 2004
Majorstuen, with Majorstuen, 2L 2002
Inger Lise, with Inger Lise Rypdal, 2001

Romsdals Fellesbanks Honorary Prize 2006
Edvard Prize 2005
Intro-folk 2005 (with Majorstuen)
Hilmar Alexandersens Music Prize 2005 (with Majorstuen)
Kvarts Award 2005 (with Tindra)
Øivind Berghs Memorial Prize 2003
Spellemannprisen 2003 ("Norwegian Grammy") (with Majorstuen)