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Karl Seglem

Karl Seglem

Tenor saxophonist and ram’s horn player Karl Seglem is considered a pioneer of Norwegian folk-jazz, and uses folk music as a basis for improvisation and composition. The characteristic Hardanger fiddle tunes are a particular source of inspiration for him, and often serve as a point of departure for his exploration of new musical spaces.

Seglem is a distinctive performer who creates his own completely unique idiom, which audiences find both challenging and surprising. With cool elegance he presents innovative music featuring tasteful improvisation in an extraordinary world of sound.

In addition to having released a large number of recordings, he has composed music for his own ensemble, theatrical productions, films, videos and installations, and has also written several commissioned works. The combination of literature and music is an area that Seglem focuses on intently, and he has collaborated with several writers. His own first poetry collection, “Stilla er ein åker”, was published in the autumn of 2006.

Seglem has been a key performer in groups such as Utla and Isglem, has toured extensively, and has held concerts at major folk and jazz festivals in Scandinavia, Germany, the United Kingdom and elsewhere. Since 1985 he has presented nearly 2000 concerts in schools under the auspices of the Norwegian Concert Institute.

Seglem is the first Norwegian musician who has been nominated for the German award Eisernen Eversteiner, which is the only prize in Europe for which musicians from several countries are nominated.

“Seglem, a rural-urban hybrid, cannot be easily defined as a representative of any particular musical genre. The fact that his music is unmistakeably ‘Seglemic’ bears witness to his musical mastery.”
Bergens Tidende, Norway

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Karl Seglem: tenorsaxophone, ram's horn and mac
Håkon Høgemo: Hardanger fiddle
Olav Torget: guitars and konting
Gjermund Silset: bass
Helge Norbakken: drums and percussion

Urbs, 2007
Dikt w/ Jon Fosse, 2006
Reik, 2005
Femstein, 2004
New North, 2004
Song, with Utla, 2003
Fire with Isglem, 2003
Nye Nord, 2002
Daa, with Henriksen-Isungset, 2000
Dans, with Utla, 1999
Spir, with Sogn-A-Song, 1998
Tya, with Reidar Skår, 1997
Prosa, with Jon Fosse, 1996
Struggle for life, film score, 1996
Null g, with Isglem, 1996
Brodd, with Utla, 1995
Rit, with Sogn-A-Song, 1994
Juv, with Utla, 1993
To steg, with Isglem, 1993
Utla, 1992
Sogn-A-Song, 1991
Rom, with Isglem, 1991
Poems for trio, 1988

All records released on NORCD, except Reik on Ozella 2005.

Statens kunstnerstipend 2004
Edvard Prize 1998
Rolf Gammleng Prize 1998
Fegerstens Legacy 1996
Årdal municipality Culture Prize 1983

Commissioned works
Tidvatn 2007
Ny rørsle 2006
Ei blå rørsle 2005
Nå skal du høre.... 2005 (film music)
Årle i old, 2004
Auge i vind, 2003 (text/title Jon Fosse)
Berget grå, berget blå, 2003
Blå Morene, 2002
Svik, 2002
Lærdalstunnelen, 2000
Brot, 2000
ROMiROM, 2000
Varp21.null.8, 1999
Tya, frå bor til bytes, 1996/97
Koshkonong, 1994
Katedral, 1993
300 år i himmerik, 1993
Øko, 1991
Lysspyd, 1990
Titt-Titt, Tv-etyde-leg, 1989