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Norwegian traditional music on festivals abroad

You could meet Karl Seglem in Portugal, Germany and Bulgaria this summer. All places with great success. Majorstuen visited festivals in Namest, Czech Republic and Viljandi, Estland - both big festivals and the band reports success. Their next festival is in Normandie, France in august. Benedicte Maurseth and GamaltNymalt are both doing Quebec, Canada this year. Norwegian traditional music are out there on the stages!

Something is happening with norwegian traditional musicians this year. It seems as boht festivals, promoters and journalists have opened eyes and ears for the north. Both solo traditional fiddlers and more contemporary bands are out playing.

Read Folk It, the blog of netherland radio 6 from the Førde folk music festival in July here.

Also check the french tv-channel France 24 reportage from the festival here.

Norwegian traditional music at festivals abroad this summer:
Karl Seglem at  Rudolstadt in July. About the festival here.

Majorstuen at Folk Holidays in Namest i Czech Republic in July. About the festival here.
Majorstuen at Viljandi folk festival in Viljandi, Estonia. About the festival here. And here some photos from their consert.
Later this august you meet Majorstuen at traversee Tatihou in Normandie, France. About the festival here.

Unni Løvlid was in charge of a youtheducation project at the Beverly Folk festival in England in June. 

Benedicte Maurseth at the festival Memoire et Racines .

GamaltNymalt play this weekend at the festival La Grande Rencontre . Montreal. The Norwegian Trad Music Agency follows GamaltNymalt at the festival.