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womex header 2008

Womex 2008 - towards nordic focus...

For the third year the World music expo - WOMEX - is arranged in Sevilla. The Norwegian Traditional Music Agency is heading towards Sevilla together with labels, music export organisations, festivals and artists.

Adjagas and Karl Seglem played at Womex in 20606, Majorstuen had success with their showcse in 2007. Read about these appearances at

Womex 2006

Womex 2007

No norwegian artists plays showcase this year, but more and more norwegian artists are represented at womex either by their recordlabels, agents and this year some artists are coming themselves to do promotion and networking.

All nordic delegates have an importan job this year - preparing the appearance at womex 2008 in Copenhagen. The musicindustry in the nodic countries should be in focus from next year on!

You find us womex 2008 at stand 1-B.14, C.14, B.15, C.15.